Corporate identity, editorial, photography

In 2012 our team reimagined and expanded the corporate visual identity programme of Ordo Agency, a real estate company specialising in premium class realty.

Keys of Heaven, a famous historical symbol and part of Riga’s coat of arms, were chosen as a main element of the new visual identity system.

The business stationery set, including paper folders and business cards, was designed using the same two-colour approach.

Word-processor letterhead templates were designed for everyday use in electronic correspondence and office printouts.

We have also prepared comprehensive identity guidelines for Ordo, which included the description of the key identity elements, corporate colours, paper and typeface specimens, detailed description and samples of promotional items.

Ordo corporate brochure was designed and published in 2013. The brochure reveals the history, values and services provided by the company.

The brochure is illustrated with numerous photographs of buildings and architectural details, which represent the styles most typical for Riga and Jurmala. The photographs were taken by a Rolleifex SL66 medium format camera with Zeiss lenses using black-and-white film.