Everything is interconnected. Decisions we make today impact our future. In Stereo we use a synergy of 3 major fields of expertise, our ‘boulders’: Strategy, Design and Digital. Each of these collide with each other to serve the final purpose — to provide powerful and future-driven brand ideas. We call it Impactful Thinking™.


Strategy is the most fundamental boulder and it serves a purpose of shaking up the whole process of Brand development. It collides with the design boulder that follows next, giving it powerful insights and charging it with holistic understanding and impetus to move forward.

The strategy stage starts with 360 market, brand and cultural audit with insights & opportunities mapping as an outcome. Based on that we provide with marketing and brand strategy which leads to the brand idea and brand DNA creation.


Design is the most tangible boulder. It has the ability to make an emotional impact, it also influences our rational preferences. Powerful design strikes the next stage — digital experience.

The design stage includes brand visual identity system and verbal design. Depending on the project goals it also might include service design solutions.


This is how and where we communicate with our customers. Digital experience is one of the most intimate yet powerful ways of interacting. It spreads the designed idea among millions of digital touch points.

The digital stage covers web design, UX/UI design solutions as well as apps design.