Brand audit and strategy, repositioning and rebranding, packaging design, flagship label creation

Creating a new brand idea and implementing full scale re-positioning and re-branding for one of the biggest beer producers in Belarus.

When we were called-in to Lidskae, we were presented with one of the biggest and most advanced breweries in Belarus.

Lidskae already had 3 major strengths: Most importantly, they make world-class beer. Secondly, they make their beer with state-of-the-art technology. And third, their world-class beer is steeped in a rich heritage of brewing traditions. To top it off, Lidskae has a deep devotion and dedicated ambition to dominate their market.

Major issue. There is an emotionally low level of consumer engagement with the Lidskae brand despite high brand awareness, excellent distribution and massive media investments.

Strategic discovery. To begin, we conducted a thorough client, competition, cultural and consumer analysis. Our discovery was succinct: the secret to Lidskae’s success lies in their ability to communicate their unique and rich history to the modern consumer.

Flagship label creation and total rebranding. We designed the flagship label, “Lidskae Legend,” dedicated to the legendary founder of Lidskae alongside the new slogan: “A beer worthy of legend”. Primary communication of the Lidskae brand was shifted from Russian to Belarusian. The whole line-up of Lidskae labels was redesigned.

We have centered the new Lidskae visual identity around a classic symbol: the red deer. This is a symbol steeped in heritage, a symbol with profound meaning which speaks deeply to modern Belarusians. It is the symbol of standing firm on your native ground, your head held high, ready to take on the new and exciting discoveries which lay ahead.

Results. Immediately after the first public announcements of the Lidskae brand changes and the introduction of the new flagship label the market responded with tremendous positivity.

We are proud to be a part of the successful changeover of the Lidskae brand and firmly believe their success story is a legend of the Belarusian beer industry.

It wasn’t long before retailers were reporting a shortage of the flagship label due to high demand and Lidskae achieved record sales.