Identity & web design

Visual identity upgrade for the Imagehouse concept store, an exclusive supplier of furniture and accessories by Minotti, Giorgetti, Dedon, Missoni, Ralph Lauren.

Imagehouse is an established representative of world-renowned furniture and accessories brands in the Baltic states. So the task was set to create a logotype that would look appropriate in a co-branding context, being neutral and modern.

The logotype is an uppercase wordmark with beautiful proportions based on the Gotham typeface by Tobias Frere-Jones, a true contemporary classic.

We always pay extra attention to make the signage fit seamlessly into the architectural environment, using the most suitable materials and techniques. The store is located in the very heart of Riga, at the beginning of Brivibas iela, the primary street of the city. The building is finished with natural travertine with a distinctive mineral pattern.

We decided to emphasise the contrast between the raw wall grain and smooth black letters, which is also accented by backlighting that makes the sign look even better at night.


The website of Imagehouse represents the company, its history, selection of brands as well as features the portfolio of completed projects. Imagehouse website is updated with new brand collections on a regular basis. We were in charge of the concept and the visual solution, while the technical side was implemented by a third-party contractor.