Giardino Ristorante

Visual identity, packaging & web design

In the summer of 2013 Giardino restaurant and salumeria held its grand opening in Jurmala, Latvia. Our agency created a visual identity and a large set of printed materials, staff uniform and packaging, all of which were fully ready for use by the moment of the launch.

Two logotype versions have been crafted. The first version, based on an ornate G initial, was designed for use mostly inside the restaurant; the other one was designed for the exterior and packaging.

The visual solution was mainly inspired by the sophisticated style of late Renaissance typography, the colour and texture of ivory handmade paper and The Herbarium by Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522–1605) with its unique egg tempera drawings.

For the purpose of using the drawings from Aldrovandi’s Herbarium as Giardino identity elements, we have made detailed copies of them with modern tempera using a centuries-old technique and then took high-resolution photographs of them.

The digital reproductions were subjected to meticulous tone correction.

The choice of technology with which the identity items have been made and the manufacturing of those items, were also part of the project. The initial set of restaurant and salumeria elements was created after custom made layouts.

We paid special attention to the packaging and label design. A custom foldable box was designed for the Giardino wine cellar.

Elements of the restaurant’s identity set became delicate memorable artefacts, integral parts of the Giardino atmosphere, fully matching the sophisticated and inventive cuisine, and interior of the restaurant.